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The best policy solutions won't work if schools can't put them into practice. And sometimes the ideas of policymakers don't have much to do with the reality of how schools operate. Bridging those gaps is what I do. I've been a school board member and chair in Fairfax County, Virginia - one of the nation's largest school districts. I served for a decade as a state legislator (that's me in front of the original Speaker's Chair, which dates to the 1730s). I headed a large nonprofit organization and co-founded a small one. I've helped states, districts, corporations, and candidates put their best ideas into practice improving education for all students.



Keynote speeches, issue-oriented interactive workshops, panelist, and panel moderator


Columns, policy briefs, op eds, blog posts, speeches, newsletters, video scripts, advocacy materials, and online engagement strategies

Education Leader

Assistance and support for boards as they develop policy solutions to current or future issues, including a focus on how to build support among parents, educators, and elected officials


Strategic guidance and support for boards, leaders, political candidates, or nonprofit organizations; planning and designing meetings and convenings

“Kris is a savvy strategist with that rare ability to translate complex issues for all audiences. She is deeply
committed to making the lives of kids better—as her experience and success as a policymaker and
nonprofit leader show.”
—  Sandy Boyd, CEO
Seek Common Ground ​​


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