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81 Questions for Parents:

Helping Your Kids Succeed in School

For parents who are struggling to teach their child at home during pandemic-related school closure, there are lots of tips on how to do that while still keeping your sanity (and your own job). 


81 Questions for Parents combines common sense, research, and a little humor to help parents support their child to get the best possible education.

“There are, in fact, school secrets parents need to know.” 


In this book, Kris Amundson draws on her experience as a parent, a teacher, and a policymaker to ask . . . and then answer . . . 81 questions (mostly unwritten) that cover a child’s school journey from preschool to postsecondary education:

  • Should you “redshirt” your kindergartener and hold them out for a year? (Probably not)

  • Should your child take algebra in the eighth grade? (Yes.)

  • How much should parents help with homework? (Less than you’re probably helping now.)

  • Why could playing in the band be a secret to getting your child into a good college? (Read the answer to Question 43.)

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Kris Amundson has done—and seen—it all. From her time as a teacher, mom, school volunteer, local school board member, legislator, and national education leader, Kris knows how schools work in ways that are a mystery to most of us. And now, in 81 Questions for Parents, she shares that knowledge, helping families understand school so they can make the best school decisions for their kids and family. It reads like you are having coffee with your very smart, knowledgeable, and sassy friend.

Sandy Boyd, CEO, Seek Common Ground

Praise & Reviews

Kris Amundson writes an enlightening and worthwhile guide for parents that aids them in navigating the educational questions we all face in making decisions for our children. She combines impressive research with her practical experience as a parent, lifelong educator, and policymaker.

Eleanor Saslaw, educator; former president, Virginia Board of Education; former chair, Virginia Community College System Board

We all recognize parents as a child’s first and best teacher, but they are also a child’s most important advocate. Kris Amundson’s new book arms parents with the right information to be an effective and powerful advocate for their child’s education. A must-read book for parents of school-age children of all ages—from preschool through high school! Powerful tools to help navigate the waters of public education.

Robert Hull, president and CEO, National Association of State Boards of Education

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About Kristen J. Amundson

Kristen J. Amundson is a former teacher, school board chair, state legislator, and CEO of a national education organization. She has spent decades answering parents’ questions about school. She’s a nationally recognized expert on parenting, education, and how parents can become advocates for their own child and for every child in the school system.

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